cafe loft in HOP

Architect: Hrabliuk Alexander
Project Year: 2017
Location: Kobryn, Belarus
3D visualization: Hrabliuk Alexander
Design cafe for the social project House of Peace (HOP) in Kobrin. The building has a historical background in the form of a private gymnasium, formed in 1997. An important semantic solution of the project was the preservation of the educational component of the center, as well as saturation with the actual multifunctional spaces (conference hall, concert / sports hall, children's center, cafe). Throughout the first floor, a concrete floor with a topping will be poured.
The interior of the cafe is made in a light loft version. The entrance from lateral loading to the central one has been changed. The opening to the main hall on the first floor of the building is knocked out. To visually increase the space ceiling is painted with anthracite color, it separates it and turns attention to the details of the interior. This room was originally built entirely with wooden slats. Usually such interiors are associated with a sauna or a sauna. Avoiding this and sparing the budget, we left the wall covering with windows, but painted the gaps between the tree in black. The justified decision was the use of places near the window in the form of sofas. Stand-alone tables were equipped with chairs with closed backs. Such chairs always give a person more comfort and a sense of security. The wall with bar chairs was cleaned to a living brick, it was painted white. Sheathing of the bar - burnt wood with impregnation, top - concrete. To soften the interior was introduced a lot of greenery, it revitalized the interior. There are a lot of vertical directions in furniture, it extends the interior in height.
The project is under construction.

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